Team members are provided through our partners at Jan Keddy and Partners. There are five levels of team members at PLT:

1) Supervisors and Trainers: Jan Keddy, Erin Dooley, Virgina Mac Neill, Devon Mader. In collaboration with Lead Coaches, they design and deliver our unique, research-based multi-domain curricula. Supervisors facilitate training for our team members, our community partners and for families. All are working to complete a Masters degree in a related field and are trained professionals with many years experience.

2) Team Lead Coaches and Lead Coaches in training are involved in the planning and design of our movement-based curricula.  They individualize and level all of the activities. All have a minimum of a university degree in related field, experience working with children and youth, and have taken all modules of our PLT training.

3) Assistant Coaches and Assistant Coaches in training support the Lead Coaches in modeling and delivering the program with the participants. They model and instruct community partners as they come to play and to learn.

4) Group Assistants cycle among the participants and also help model and deliver programming. They also help individuals with personal care routines, and monitor the group’s safety. In our younger teams, PLT pays for these group assistants.

5) 1:1 workers: are available to support individual participants in need of extra support for various reasons. This 1:1 support is an extra cost for all teams.