CHAIR – Jo-Lynn Fenton is the mother of two boys with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  She has been actively involved in the autism community since 1998, and has held numerous volunteer positions within the provincial autism community.  She has sat on copious government committees, raising the awareness and advancement of services. Most notably, she was the President of Autism Society Canada.  In 2011, she was awarded the Stewart McKelvey Green Jacket for her outstanding contribution to the autism community in Nova Scotia.


SECRETARY – Nicole Ashley

DIRECTOR – Kevin Ashley – Treasurer and Fund Raising Committee Chair

DIRECTOR – Janet Power works in IT and lives outside of Halifax with her husband, 2 daughters and dog.  She believes in the power of movement and its impact on the brain and has seen firsthand how the PLT program and its person centered approach can change lives for the better.  She looks forward to a future where the PLT program can be offered to all children who could benefit from it.


DIRECTOR – Ronan O’Driscoll is father to three children. His middle child was diagnosed with autism at 4 years of age.  His son currently attends the PLT program in Dartmouth, which he loves! After many years as a computer programmer, Ronan now teaches the topic at NSCC. Ronan is chair of the Communications committee.

DIRECTOR – Tom Fahie


DIRECTOR – Valerie Way has been self employed for many years in the auto and sale industries and is also a licensed yoga teacher trained in accessibility and special needs. She took a degree in Psychology many years ago and continues her education pt currently at MSVU. She has been an avid autism and disability advocate since her oldest son was diagnosed at age 3 in 2012. She’s been an active fundraiser in the community as well as a strong voice for inclusion and educational rights in the school system and recreational programming. She has aligned with PLT because she believes in the core values of the program as well as the strategies used to integrate autistics into the community. Her son currently attends PLT and really enjoys it.

DIRECTOR – Ann Hiltz-Simmons is the mother of three children, two of whom are on the Spectrum.  She graduated from SMU, the V.G. School of Nursing and Dal.

DIRECTOR – Kathy Black

DIRECTOR – Daniel Tonge